Where our wine journey began…

It all began with a shared love for the art of winemaking, a love that blossomed during their travels through the picturesque vineyards of Spain, Italy, and France. Inspired by the rich history and diverse flavors of these regions, Mike and Sally set out to create wines that would reflect their own unique experiences and appreciation for the craft.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, the Calneggia family quickly made a name for themselves in the Margaret River wine scene. Their vineyards became known for producing wines of exceptional character and complexity, drawing wine enthusiasts from near and far to sample their creations.

But their passion didn't stop there. In addition to their own vineyards, the Calneggias also established themselves as respected importers of fine wines from Spain, Italy, and France. Their extensive network of contacts and deep understanding of the industry allowed them to curate a selection of wines that showcased the best of each region, offering their customers a taste of the world's finest vintages.

As Amy and Jack grew older, they too became enamored with the family business, eager to learn the intricacies of winemaking from their parents. Under Mike and Sally's guidance, they honed their skills, each bringing their own unique perspective and creativity to the table.

Now, as the next generation of Calneggias, Amy and Jack are poised to carry on the family tradition, ensuring that the legacy of passion and dedication that their parents built will continue for generations to come. Together, they work tirelessly to uphold the Calneggia name, producing wines that are not just a reflection of the land, but of the love and commitment that has sustained their family for over 30 years.